Prison is a place where people struggle a lot with issues around purpose, death, life, loss, and spirituality. Though I consider myself an atheist, it is more a title of mourning than celebration, more a loss than a liberation. I know this isn’t something a “good” atheist is supposed to say, but to be honest, I’m a terrible atheist. I’m fine with that.

“I was lying in my cell tonight wondering what passion, love, laughter, etc. are and why we ave evolved these characteristics. I think they are ways for self-conscious creatures to cope with such a heavy burden. Anything that had to struggle with self-realization but couldn’t laugh or cry or love or be moved by beauty would off itself. It would just be too empty and pointless without these things. I think spirituality is the same thing. It is a way for us to cope with mortality, not by removing altogether the fear of death, but by creating a framework for life that makes death bearable, acceptable.

Faith is about life, not death.”

Prison is a pla…